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Forest Resource, Product and Market chance of China, written by Mr. Li Hongfan, was issued by Wood Technology Group and published to all over the world. This is the first monograph that introduce Chinese forest industry to the world in China.
This is the letter that President Bill Clinton wrote to Mr. Li Hongfan with Mr.Clinton's own signature, to appreciate the work Mr. Li had done to promote the trade between China and America.

President Jiang Zhemin visited our work warmly, accompanied with Mr.Xu Youfang, who is the minister of Forest ministry. (First from left is Mr. Li Hongfan)

Mr. Li Hongfang has an interview with Mr. Liu, the former Deputy Minister of Ministry of State Forestry (second from left), Mr. Zhang Senlin, the president of China Forest Products Industry Association (first from right), Mr. Jiang Zhuhui, the former Chief Secretary of Industry Department of Ministry of State Forestry, and president of China National Forestry Machinery Association (first from left). Mr. Li Hongfang has been keeping a good relations with these organizations since 1993.

Mr. Li Hongfang receives Mr. Cao Yinchao, the Secretary-general of China National Furniture Association.

Mr. Li Hongfang gives an interview to the president of European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers

Hongfan Li
Mr.Li Hongfan designed and directed the annual " China Wood Export & Import Conference" from 2002.
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SPECIALTY     Expert & Consultant

  Expert and consultant for those overseas firms who are interested in China market,
  Solid knowledge in China forest products market and opportunities, China forest products
resources and industrial situation.
  Familiar with China economic system operation and its industrial management situation as well as good relationship with various Chinese associations, enterprises.
  Specialized in conducting economic and market research for potential investors.


August 2003 - present

   CEO www.chinawood.org in Beijing of China
   President China Wood International, Inc., in Reddick, FL of USA
   President Beijing Xiangfei Market Investigation Co.,Ltd in Beijing, China
International Wood Industry Magazine, in Beijing, China 

   To be the publisher of International Wood Industry Magazine from August 2003. This magazine is a industry magazine focused on timber and wood products international trade published monthly. Now, this publication has a circulation of 10,000 copies, distributed throughout China. Mainly report: internationalization of China wood industry, International Market updates related to China, China market and industry update, International trade Information, International price fluctuation, business activities, and latest products and technology release. Please visit:          to find more information.

1999 - August 2003

CEO www.chinawood.net in Beijing of China
President China Wood International, Inc., in Reddick, FL of USA
President Beijing Xiangfei Market Investigation Co.,Ltd in Beijing, China

Invest in, design and manage www.chinawood.org in China from 1999. Now, this is the most active forest industry internet site in China. Its major subscriber base includes manufacturers, trade companies, technical people and associations throughout the industry in China. The site is viewed more than 250,000 times every week. We have over 10,000 registered members by August 2004. This web site allows us to maintain a current database of wood products companies in China, and provides the basis for our information surveys of the industry.

Network with various professional exhibitions companies, media companies as well as lumber wholesale markets throughout China. Its effort has been approved and appraised by Chinese government and its various associations.

Key achievements, please visit:       

October 1995 - 1998

President, China Wood International Inc, Duluth, GA U.S.A
President, Beijing Xiangfei Market Investigation Co.,Ltd, Beijing China

During this time, my objective is to enhance the trade cooperation between U. S. and China, including organizing a series of activities of information exchange and cooperation which have enlarged export to China. It is approved that these are in need for American industries and have obtained high evaluation from U.S. government and companies. As president and owner of China Wood, Li start China Wood from scratch, build business relationship for China Wood, perform various managerial functions for China Wood, make China Wood well known in wood and other industries.
Organize China Lumber Purchasing Delegation of 13 people to visit US lumber export market in August 1997, arrange a meeting between this delegation and U.S. Department of Agriculture, American Forestry & Paper Association, American Lumber Export Council to discuss why U.S lumber export to China has decreased and how to increase export to China.
Help a manufacturer in NC analyze China's market situation of forest products and other factors affecting their investment in China and find a good plant location and cooperative partners in China as well as paper work involving in setting up a plant in China.
Sponsor "US-China Forest Products Trade and Investment Conference" during the Fifth International Panel and Engineered Wood Technology Conference & Exposition (PETE) and organize China Lumber Industry Delegation of 17 people to attend both conferences in October 1997 with Wood Technology and World Forest Institute. This activity was well received by all attendees and exhibitors and they ask to continue this next year.
Organize China Forest Products Trade and Exploratory Delegation to visit U.S. forest products industries and market on March 1997.
Organize China Forest Products Industry Delegation of 16 people to visit USA on December 1997, arrange this delegation to visit American Engineered-Wood Association, Weyerhauser, World Forest Institute, American Forestry & Paper Association.
Organize China Forestry Delegation of 56 people to attend International Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Fair (IWF'96) in Atlanta, GA on August 1996.


December 1992---1995

President, Beijing Xiangfei Market Investigation Co. P.R.China
Start own business focus on forest products industry, build business relationship for Xiangfei Co., establish global contacts for Xiangfei and lay foundation for Xiangfei's globalization in the future, bring Xiangfei to "Hannover' 95" and take over the whole external consultation service for entire China delegation in "Hannover'95", etc.

January 1991-December 1992

Director, China Developmental Journal. P.R.China
As a journalist and a director of picture-editing office, increase the circulation of the journal and bring a big project for China Developmentnal Journal.

October 1989-January 1991

Marketing Manager, Shenzhen Meizhi Co. P.R.China
As marketing manager for business development, provide substantial marketing information for Meizhi's important business decision, increase its sales of floppy drives by 60% with 3 months, and open Beijing market for Meizhi Co., etc.

September 1986-September 1989

Researcher of Economic Policies
State Planning Council. P.R.China
Responsible for research on state technological and economic policies, take charge in research and making policies of£º
1) State-owned enterprises, state finance and tax reforms;
2) Conversion from military industrial enterprises and products to civil uses;
3) Analysis of economic scope, for instance, family refrigerators;
4) "Eighth five-year plan" of state industrial policies;
5) Local government's economic behavior.

1982-September 1986 January

Officer, the Ministry of Electric Power. P.R.China
Responsible for industrial management, enterprise management, planning prpoduction, technology reform, etc.


Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering from Southern China Technology University in January, 1982.

Study industrial economy and policies in the Department of Economic Research from China People's University in 1988.


A series of "China Industry Research Reports" covering furniture, wood and wood processing, paper and paper products, and forest chemical industries in October 1997. (English) USA

China£ºForest Resources, Products, and Market Opportunities published by Miller-Freeman Inc. in August 1997. (English) USA

China Forest Enterprise Database in 1994.

China Forestry Enterprise Directory in 1993.

"National Industrial Policies and My Sis Worries", World Economic Report, March 20 1989.

Brochure design between 1992-1995
China-Mexico Merchandise Fair
Ten-year Development of Nonferrous Metal Industry
Beijing: China Township Enterprise City
Chengdu: Wangfujing Commercial

China Refrigerator Industry Scope Economic Research in 1988.


The first prize of technology development in First National Forestry Expo in 1994 for China Forestry Enterprise Database.

Two special news reports in China Forestry Newspaper about Mr. Hongfan Li's contributions to China forestry development in 1994.

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